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Exhibitors – Oath Feat. Gerard Of Kaji

Gambar Exhibitors – Oath  Feat. Gerard Of Kaji

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Date: 30 Jan 2016

Duration: 03:33

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Exhibitors – Oath Feat. Gerard Of Kaji , Lyrics:

See, the thing is,
When I said I loved you I meant it.
I always have and I always will.
I can't bear to watch you leave.
This fucking pain is tearing me apart.

Is this the way we planned to go out?
The way this was all meant to be?

You never even said goodbye.

Have I forgotten how to swim?
Because I find myself drowning in my dreams.
I'm struggling to breathe
And I just find it hard to see.

This regret weighs me down,
Like an anchor to a sinking ship.
It feels so much heavier now
Than everything already is.

Just one more time, teach me how to love again.
Just one more time, put your arms around me again.

Before you fade off as a memory,
Bitter sweet and cold,
Sleep was something of the past

My eyes could never lock shut
With you screaming in my head
Telling me to let you go
But I can’t, I'm bonded by an oath
And I know I speak for us both
So tell me how do I go to sleep again
When even with sleep, I have nothing to gain.

I'll always hold this grudge upon myself
Being so blind and morally inclined
The only regret I have in this life
And maybe next one in time

All I could do now, is to hold you up high and proud,
With your hands wrapped around his body,
And your heart, stuck in the love we found.

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